Some beautiful days...picnics, campfires, and smores!

We had some beautiful days at the end of last week. When it's pretty here, it is PRETTY here. Just amazing, the expanse of sky, sea, land. Beautiful! Thursday and Friday we didn't do school, but played in the tundra instead, taking full advantage of the delightfully warm sun.

We headed out to Pyramid valley for a picnic Thursday and enjoyed the near 60 degree temps while picking flowers, reading, and frolicking in the wide open spaces.

This adolescent bald eagle wanted our lunch. As he landed he slowly inched closer and closer until he was mere inches from us. I stood up and shooed him away or I believe he would have joined us on our blanket LOL.

Friday morning we awoke to another absolutely breathtaking day and we headed to to the beach to play.

Then on Friday night, dad took us out to Morris Cove for a bonfire and smores...and man it was fun. It's been ages since I have done anything like that, and it was A's first time. We had a late night but it was worth it.

First smore ever!!!!

On another note....This is wild rhubarb....I have found tons of it, and according to my local plant book it can be treated just like cultivated my question to all you out there in blogger land....can someone please tell me how to know when rhubarb should be picked and how to pick it. A wants to make rhubarb pie, and being a southern girl, I have never had it before.Alright...back to our night LOL, Daddy built us such a great fire....we hiked back and forth to the beach carrying driftwood for it. Great fun.

And a final shot, to end the night :)


MommyWise said…
Wow... I so envy your life! To live so simply and with so much beauty surrounding you... what a dream!