Our Thursday Night Meal

So what was for dinner Thursday night? Baked Halibut, brown rice, and roasted carrots, zucchini and squash. It was delicious....but what made it even better was the fact that I caught this halibut....well actually this was a part of the halibut that I caught....
At the moment, I have close to 50lbs of halibut wrapped and stored in my freezer. When my mom was here we had the chance to go out fishing in the Bering Sea thanks to a friend of ours in the community. A loved it....especially the fact that she got to drive the boat for about 45 mins as we headed out. Look at her face...sheer bliss!

The weather was icky, but the seas were calm....but not calm enough for me. I was sick almost instantly when we got out to the open water, despite having taken 2 motion sickness pills before boarding the boat. It was so bad that Dick took us into a bay where the water was much calmer although the fishing would not be as good. But honestly what fun is fishing if one is throwing up every 2 mins.

My mom had a blast and caught several cod in addition to some halibut. Thanks to her I know have Cod in the freezer as well, ready to be made in to delicious fish and chips.

Here I am catching my 50...yes 50lb halibut! See the pole bending. Took forever for me to reel it in, and I had lots of help from Dick who had to harpoon the dang thing LOL.

And here it is....it couldn't even fit in the huge cooler on board!

Even the dreary weather can't put a damper on the beauty that is this place. Absolutely gorgeous and yet another reason why I say this is the more beautiful place on earth. Surreal.

When we got back, we hung up my huge fish for pics. LOVE it!

It took my mom and I about 2 hours to fillet and wrap all the fish for the freezer, and then the next day Dick called and he had gone out salmon fishing and had 3 reds for us.

Dh brought them home and A and he got to have their turn.

So that is the story of our Thursday night meal. Needless to say we will be eating a lot of fish!