Aleutian World War II National Historic Area

While my mom was here we made the trip up Ballyhoo to the Aleutian World War II National Historic Area. Ballyhoo is the mountain everyone sees flying in to our little island and the one it always appears you are going to crash into but for that last minute turn the pilot makes LOL. It's a little over 1600ft in elevation. There was a fort located there during the war and it has some of the greatest concentration of wartime relics on the island. The drive is quite steep and allows for some amazing views of the spit and of town. We stopped a couple of times along the way just to enjoy it. It had been icky and misting all day but when it started to clear somewhat we headed out, sick of being couped up inside.

Here's Nana standing inside the old Battery 402. Pretty cool that you can walk right in. This part is buried under the tundra.

Me :)

Inside a bunker. These things are amazing. They have withstood so many years of Aleutian weather and neglect.

And the outside of the bunker. Built to protect both the natives and the soldiers stationed here during WWII from Japanese bombers.

It was a great trip, and my first time to this part of Ballyhoo. I am looking forward to taking Dh's parents and grandmother. I think his dad will be really interested! I love living here. So much neat history right in our own backyard!