Valentines Week

Okay, seriously behind on posting, but I will catch up! LOL. Here is our valentines week.

A beat me at Monopoly- AGAIN. She has lost once in the 4 months we have had this game!!!! We have been having fun picking our way through rightstart math, although I am thinking of skipping some, because most of it is review.

Been having fun writing notes to Mom.... I can't tell you how many notes I have gotten in the past few weeks. Including several that have stated she was mad at me and the reason behind that LOL. Well at least she is expressing her feelings.
In this one she was talking about the moon and the asking to watch the movie "Fly me to the moon"

We made a WHOLE lot of valentine crafts.
Including this mobile....

Potato sponge paintings....

Made valentine cookies (Thanks MeMom and PopPop).....

And she got a big ol chocolate bar from dad for V-day.
Alright....I will get more pics up soon.


Joyful Learner said…
I love the mobile and all the V-day activities!