Well, there goes the Easter Bunny

So this evening we headed to Alaska Ship to pick up some duct tape, and as we walked in they had the Easter Candy display right by the door...well, I told A "don't even think about asking, Easter is coming up and the Easter bunny will be bringing candy for your basket."

Big mistake I guess....I was so not ready for this although I knew she was questioning Santa around Christmas and has told me that fairies are not real. But tonight she looked at us as said "Who is the Easter Bunny? Who is the Easter Bunny, because he is definitely not real. He can't be. Bunnies are not that big, don't have eggs, and they don't have candy. It has to just be a person dressed up as a bunny. So who is it?"

So now she knows. She asked some more questions basically about why people pretend there is one and we talked to her about not sharing what she figured out with other kids and letting them figure it out by herself.

The other day she out of no where asked me if elves were real. So I think this is the end of the road. Not even 4. I was in 5th grade before I stopped believing and that was only after my mom sat me down and told me. In a way I am sad, but I know that this is A. She has always been leaps and bounds ahead of me.