What A's been reading this year

A has been reading a lot the last few months. At the beginning of the year she asked me to keep a list of everything she reads. I did this once this summer and she was amazed, so I think that is why she asked. Anyway, so far this is what she has read herself since Jan. 1st. I have listed the grade levels next to the ones that I have grade levels on.

Stick Kid by Peter Hdwitz- Grade level 1.6

How not to Babysit Your Brother- Level 4

Lionel in the Winter by Stephen Krensky- Grade level 2.6

City Dog, Country Frog by Mo Williams- Grade level 1.6

Follow that Fish by Joanne Oppenheimer- Grade level 2.2

The Three Blind Mice Mystery by Stephen Krensky- Grade level 3.3

Crocodile and Hen by Joan Lexau- Grade level 1.6

The Monster from the Sea by William Hooks- level 2

Avalanche! by Lorraine Hopping- level 4

Snow Ravens by Bruno Hachler

Chick 'n' Pug by Jennifer Sattler

Mr. Garbage by William H. Hooks- Grade level 2.5

Pink me Up by Charise Mericle Harper

Prairie Friends by Nancy Smiler Levinson- Grade level 2.5

Moon Child by Nadia Krilanovich

Little Bear by Holmelund Mirark- Grade level 1.8

Where are the Bears by Kay Winters- Grade level 3.2

Fox on the Job by James Marshall- Grade level 1.8

Have you Seen My Dinosaur by Jon Surgal

Arthurs Lost Puppy- Grade level 1.8

We are working our way through Little House on the Prairie right now, taking turns on chapters and so far I think it is one of her favorite books ever. It's grade level is 4.8.

So, anyway, this weekend was a good weekend. A got to spend a great deal of time with both of us and her attitude is so much better. Let's hope it continues through this week. Alright I am off to bed. Lots to do tomorrow. Happy Valentines day everyone.


Joyful Learner said…
It's wonderful that she reads so widely and on so many levels. K reads mainly 2nd grade level chapter books and I'm not sure about the level for picture books because they do not come leveled. Some are easy for her, some are not. I should challenge her to read beyond but as of now, she's enjoying reading independently without my help. I would love to go back to taking turns reading again.
Amanda said…
Its interesting since our library does not have their books extreamly organized it is hard to find books on the same reading level. So basically she just goes into the kids section and picks what looks interesting, then she heads over to junior section and picks what looks interesting, so an extreamly wide level LOL. She is reading "A Mouse called Wolf" right now that she picked up last week and it is 4th grade level but she is loving it. Having her reading level identified by the psy as mid 4th grade really helped me go ahead and let her grab the books she wanted and let her try them LOL