The Good and The Bad

Such a fun day! Some days are just better than others, and today was one of those good days...yesterday not so much.

Let's start with yesterday's story. You ever have those days where you just know it is going to be a hard day before your child ever gets out of bed? Where yesterday was that kind of day. A woke up whining....about what?....I have no clue. We went down stairs and changed her mind 5 times about what to eat before eating breakfast..... usually she reads to me, and we do some work on advance words and advanced phonic rules that don't follow the normal sound it out way that she taught herself, but she was just not having any of it. So we moved on...she played, I attempted to clean....well by noon we have already had 5 time outs....Everything I said seemed to go in one ear and out the other.

Well, after lunch things got even worse....we went outside to play. I talked to my neighbor who had her door open while she cleaned and packed to go out of town.... Then it happened.....

She was on our back porch...I said wait right here...(she does this all the time...always waits right there for me.) I ran into the house, grabbed something from the living room, and came right back through kitchen,dining room, living room and back through dining room, and kitchen and out the door...literally 30 sec max....and she wasn't there.....called her name, nowhere in the back....frantically calling her name running around side of house to the front, not seeing her, running around to the back again, my neighbor hears and runs out calling A and runs around the other side of the house while I run inside screaming her name, and back out...still no neighbor starts screaming Help Help to her husband in the house who comes running....and I am crying and screaming A's name and start running back to the side of the house and here she came....walking calming back. Apparently she had been on the front porch because she wanted to go in the front door. GAAAAAAHHHHHHH

Well needless to say, that just topped off my bad day. Daddy and I had a long talk with her about safety last night.

Today ....well today was so much better. We both woke up in a good mood and opened the door to a glorious spring day. I could not have asked for a more beautiful day today. We did some reading, some science (right now she is working on a 1st grade science unit encompassing living things, both plants and animals, what they need, how they get their food, that food gives them energy, habitats, etc.) and then she asked to do some maps. (We are using 1st and 2nd grade geography lessons to compliment our learning about the world through stories)

After that we headed to Lowes for plants! Such a great Spring day....who could resist.

and then we came home to plant.... A wanted to get some lettuce to plant.....but scroll down and you will see why I said no. We have a several little visitors who like to frequent our back yard, and well one of their favorite foods happens to be lettuce. LOL
So we got a few flowers, some tomatoes, rosemary, mint, thyme, cilantro, and we transplanted some of our bell pepper seedlings....the rest of our seedlings will have to wait to be a little stronger first.
It was wonderful getting our hands in the dirt today.


We have those days too, but never with disappearances. I can only imagine how scared you were. I like the picture with a strawberry plant (at least I think that's what it is :))
Anonymous said…
Oh, it's the worse feeling in the world when they "disappear" in seconds. I once lost Little J and it was all I could do to try to keep composed to look for him. Just a note to moms, we always tell our kids, "If YOU get lost...". Well Little J perceived ME as lost and went to look for me. I'm glad she was found safe and sound.
Joyful Learner said…
She got the cutest smile and those cheeks look so squeezable! Glad you had a great day after such a bad day. Glad she is safe and sound. We've also been talking a lot about safety lately. JC has always been so cautious with everything...that is, until now. She thinks she's invincible and thinks running off is funny. sigh.
It makes me think of Alice in Wonderland...

or Ansley in Ansleyland! ; )
She is soo cute! I love the photo of her chasing the rabbit! = )