Enjoying Spring

We've had a nice taste of Spring lately and nothing has been able to keep us indoors.....not even my horrible allergies that always pop up this time of year with the budding trees and blooming flowers. We spent all day outside today and had a picnic in the back yard. Tomorrow it is supposed to rain and be in the 50's :( I knew it was to good to be true. This southern girl is still not used to PA weather. Dandelions are in abundance right now, and it's a good thing as beautiful as A thinks they are. We have taken many walks along the levee by our house picking these enchanting flowers.

When we did need a short break from all that pollen floating around....we came in and made this beautiful paper flower garland. A said we should hang it in the living room between the windows where the sun could shine in on it. Hopefully this will brighten up our hearts when the damp colder weather comes back this week.

Nature.... God sure is glorious in his blessings.