We're back!

Been BUSY! A and I were in LA visiting my mom for 2 weeks. The weather was wonderful and we sure enjoyed the spring weather. Back in the middle of nowhere PA and it has been cold but today was wonderful. 70 degrees and sunny. After story time and lunch, we played outside and planeted our seeds for our garden, we are not past our last frost period, so we started these all inside....but she and I cannot wait for the warm weather to be here!

Anyway, back to our trip....we had so much fun. Made a fire in the chiminea, roasted marshmellows, watched the starts, went to the park, had a picnic, visited lots of friends, and had visited my mom's school where A had soooo much fun. She was even great on all the plane rides. But we are both glad to be home., enjoying our family, and looking forward to easter.....pics are comming soon. :)