One of those days

Yep it's been one of those days. I am blaming it on the full moon. My child has been absolutly nuts the last 2 days, but today was by far the worst. I you all know what I am talking about....those days where it's either kill your child or shut yourself in your room alone for a few mins LOL. I settled for a half a valium and a box of girl scout cookies. Breathing much better now, but will be so glad when DH gets home tonight.

On another note....I would appreciate prayers for my uncle....he has a shunt in his brain from earlier surgery, and he wa visiting my mom for the past few weeks. However he has been admitted to the hospital, in LA, so away from his house and doctors, last night. He is dizzy, losing his balance, etc. He now has a fever. They are now waiting for a consult with a nuerourgeon. Please keep him and my Aunt in your prayers.