The Nut's birthday

Today was my baby's 3rd birthday. Where has the time gone? So many memories flooded back today. My pregnancy with her and her birth where no picnic...we are both extremely lucky to be here and both healthy. It as also got Dh and I thinking about our family and we are ready for it to grow. Of course, this means adoption as I need to be here for my family and can not risk my life again. so after much talk and much prayer, we have decided it is time to start the adoption process.

Dh is adopted from Korea, and we have always thought we would do the same, but Korea is closing to international adoption in 2010 and most agencies are not accepting new applicants. After a lot of thought we are leaning towards Ethiopia....but are open to wherever God leads us. Right now we are in the research phase, but are definitely open to prayers and advice if you have adopted yourselves......Thanks for thinking of us.