Ped appt and Reading!

Let me start out by saying I LOVE our new pediatrician. He is wonderful. He spent 45 mins with us just for our getting to know you appointment. He said she is basically already on a 5 year old/kindergarten level across the board except for motor skills, which she is right around average on...just a bit advanced.

I was informed once again (last time was from our Librarian) that the local school system would not be a good fit for my child. He said there is no gifted programs at all due to the budget cuts that occurred years ago, and it is a shame since there used to be a great self contained program. e said "there just aren't any options around here for gifted children, much less for extremely gifted children" And since there also are only 2 private schools, both of which are not up to par, looks like we will be homeschooling probably at least kindergarten. I know it is a ways a way. 3 years if you count this school year till she could start, but when she has already mastered 50% of END of year skills for K5, it is hard to imagine asking her to sit and "learn" things she will have mastered 2 0r 3 years before.

Anyway, back to the ped appointment. Besides for her flu shot, all was well and she was happy. She brought her "surgical kit" and informed him "I want to be an orthopedic surgeon when I grow up" LOL. H1N1 shots won't be available till mid oct, but we will be going back then to get the for her.

As for homeschooling. It has been going great this week. We seem to finally be getting into a good routine. On top of montessori, she also LOVES the site, and asks to play her computer games, which reinforce the letter sounds she has learned.

In fact....yesterday we had a very proud moment when she sounded out a word, all by herself! "RAT" She was sooooo proud that she read it! It was great!