2500 words and counting LOL

It's been awhile, I know....life gets crazy LOL.

Anyway on to the title of this post.......
that's how many words my child speaks, well lets say I quit counting at 2500. Average at 30 months....about 550 LOL.....Well I guess we know why she never shuts up LOL. I love the pbs development trackers, they break what a child should be doing by age and by category, language, literacy, science, math, etc. At DD's 2 year old appointment her pediatrician said she was cognitively on a 4 year old level. According to these charts she is 3 and 4 years ahead in language and literacy and 1 year ahead in math. We have an appointment with our new ped Tuesday and it will be interesting to hear what he has to say.

As for homeschooling.....

Things have been going well. I will say that after getting to know DD's learning style, we aren't doing strict montessori, we are using many of the materials and methods, but I would say we are also doing a lot of unschooling to. She loves the library so we have been getting many books on subjects she loves such as space and dinosaurs. She now knows all the planets and likes to tell people that "gravity keeps us on earth and not flying into space".
She also loves workbooks. She asked to do them.

We've been working on the Alphabet. DD know recognizes most upper and lowercase letters and now knows ALL of their sounds. She keeps asking to learn to read and is getting upset that she doesn't know the words. She has been picking out words in books now, so i don't think true reading is going to be far behind, especially since she wants to so badly. One thing I have learned about her.....if she wants to do something bad enough, she will figure out a way.