How is she 11?

I can't believe it! A turned 11 today. 
Eleven years ago she burst into this world 5 weeks early. 
This child has blown me away ever since.

We started the morning with a yummy brunch at our favorite local breakfast place.

We came back and I went to work on the cake.
Every year I have made a cake of A's choice. From human body cakes that showed the skeletal and circulatory system when she turned 4, to cakes ranging from dog sleds, to a dolphin with a prosthetic tail, I strive to make her vision happen... And I truly love every minute of it.
This year she asked from a Lobes of the Brain cake.
She loved it!

 It was great to have my Mom here to celebrate with us this year.
W got into the whole present thing, even though he didn't get to open any ;)

The birthday gifts were a hit this year!
A Suturing Course and Training Course.... she can't wait to get started. A perfect gift for this budding Neurosurgeon.

Unwrapping a book halfway though gave pause to the gift opening activities. She had to stop and read of course.

What is that? A Sheep brain dissection kit... isn't that what every 11 year old wants!
Look at her face.

She had to immediately break out the microscope to look at the motor neuron and human cerebrum slides she received.

Dh made us a wonderful dinner, unfortunately he was grilling during the severe thunderstorm that blew threw.

While he grilled, A drew using the artist model figurine she received for her birthday.

Dinner was ready...steak, lamb, shrimp, mashed potatoes, and grilled zucchini and squash.

After dinner it was time for cake of course!

Happy birthday to my amazing daughter! 


Tammy said…
Happy Birthday, sweet A!
Seems like yesterday I was following y'all up in Alaska.
Time flies....we need a 'pause' button!