Spring Break Up

Well despite the title it's still winter and definitely feels like it. It snowed pretty hard today, but while below freezing, we are no longer in the double digits BELOW zero. 
It's been a cold winter. 
The kids have been cooped up, sick, and just plain antsy for warmer weather.
The other day we bundled them up....it felt like 3 degrees, and head out to Sullivan Bridge. Just two weeks ago the two rivers that meet here were frozen completely over.
Now there is open flowing water and HUGE slabs of ice lining the river on all sides.

The kids got out in the wide world again. Exploring, climbing, running....they were in their element

Dad decided to fly fish....I don't think the trout were too interested in. They were too dang cold! LOL

Ice caves and icicles were the name of the game.

W was fascinated by these things.

We found evidence of beaver activity...

...and W made letters out of sticks...

...and practiced writing in the snow.

A found some really cool looking air bubbles trapped in ice and spent quite a while examining them.

Eventually we all got a little chilled and headed home for some hot chocolate.

It was great to get out of the house and remember why I love this state.


Megan said…
Hey! I found you again! You are in Montana! And have another kid! Good to "see" you :)