Grasshopper dissection!

I am so glad we found Athena's Academy ! A absolutely loves the online classes she is taking this semester. She not only is exposed to so many new ideas and concepts, but she is retaining so much as well. She honestly can't say whether she likes Microbes or Comparative Invertebrate Anatomy more.

She does love the dissection labs in CIA though! Last week was her second lab and she dissected a grasshopper. Now let me tell you, that was tricky! Even thought this was a massive grasshopper in terms of grasshopper size, it's still a tiny creature. After examining the external structures, she removed the legs, wing coverings, and wings. Then she proceeded to cut away the exoskeleton while attempting to leave the muscular structure intact. That took quite a bit of patience. Once done, she was able to begin to remove the muscle structure and observe the internal organs. A very cool experience for a kid that has caught many a grasshopper over the years.