Spring break- week 1

Well it's been quiet here on the blog, but that's because we've been travelling! The kids and I headed down to Nana's house for a 3 week stay in the warm, green, pollen filled paradise that is Louisiana in the springtime.

It was my first trip travelling with two kids by myself and it went surprisingly well.

W is fascinated by all things planes, trains, trucks, and cars, so he was in HEAVEN.

Wearing him in my new Tula carrier really helped. We had a 6 hour layover and I even got a nap out of him with him riding on my back.

Spring leaves haven't yet started to appear in our little corner of Montana, so it has been awesome for the kids to be able to play outside and explore nature.

Both the kids are fascinated by insects. Entomology is kind of A's thing. She's even studying it in 4H. The rolly polly they found brought back many memories form my childhood. Spring days spent searching for as many as we could find.

Little W even loved having it crawl all over him! All boy right here, this one is.

I love my mom's house and her backyard and I always feel so at peace here. Sometimes a girl just needs to come home.

Seeing our lizard friends everyday basking in the warm sunshine brought smiles to our faces.

Even with her allergies bothering her from the pollen in the air, A still spent time outside and of course I found her set up reading.

W got his first taste of a Louisiana specialty....crawfish!
The look on his face was priceless!

They were so yummy!

A got into the act and ate a ton!

It was a perfect first week. We head home in the morning and I'll continue to share some of our amazing Louisiana adventures.