Spring break- Azalea time

It's Azelea season in Louisiana, which means it's the perfect time to take spring pictures. This year we just popped across the street to my mom's neighbor's beautiful yard.

It's hard to get good pics of a wiggly moving toddler, but I did it!

My beautiful girl is growing up so quickly! 
9 years old now.

And in just a few months, this cutie will be 2!

This is one of my favorite pictures of them ever!

Joy is contagious.

We also took pics Easter Sunday in the beautiful church gardens.
How I managed to capture this perfect pic, I will never know.
He looks so grown up here.

So beautiful.

This is such a beautiful and peaceful place. I miss my this church. If we loved here, I think I would be in these gardens all the time.

And end with a selfie of my favorite girl.

Blessed beyond measure.


Tammy said…
Great pics!
They are growing so fast. We need a 'pause' button, dang it!