Ancient Greek pottery project

We are still loving Oak Meadow Ancient Civilizations. We are only on week 17 because we like to delve deeper when the urge strikes us. Here was one of those times. Studying Ancient Greece, we dove deeper into Grecian pottery. A watched several YouTube videos, researched in our Ancient World encyclopedia, and finally came up with her own design.

She constructed her vase from a balloon and cardboard. Once she had the basic shape down, she began the paper mâché process.

She let it dry over night and the next day added the handles and gave it another coat of paper mâché.

On the third day she painted her vase the classic red clay color and again let it dry over night.

Finally she created her design with black acrylic paint. The finish product is now proudly displayed in our school room! 


Yarn Miracle said…
That turned out so well! Paper maché as a stand-in for clay is inspired.