Ancient Greece

As I mentioned in my last post, we spent a few weeks covering Ancient Greece with our 6th grade Oak Meadow curriculum and had a lot of fun!

A learned about many different aspects of Ancient Greek society. The role of women was of particular interest to her and she wrote this paper focusing on it.

She researched the Greek Alphabet and learned to write her name! Very cool.

I remember learning about the different types of Greek columns and architecture in school and it was exciting to watch A do the same. She drew this Greek temple for one of her assignment choices. 

Life was very different for children growing up in Sparta. They belonged to the state, and at 7 boys went to live in camps to train in the art of fighting. A was asked to write a letter from a Spartan boy's point of view. I love how she decided it would be his birthday and extrapolated from her research that no one in camp would know or care.

I can't say enough how much I love the project choices in Oak Meadow! They let her express her creativity and knowledge in so many ways!