Small Town America- Parade Time!

I love small town life. Small town Montana has the same feel as Alaska. Everyone is welcoming, we are already quickly getting to know people, and the pace of life is a breath of fresh air.

This weekend is the annual Lewis and Clark Festival here in town. Apparently this is a REALLY big deal here. On top of that, this weekend is the all class reunion for the local high school, so our small town is really hopping. Friday was the Chili Cookoff and activities for all ages in the town park. DH's board competed in the chili cookoff, and while their chili didn't win, I have to say their margaritas were top notch :) Saturday morning was the parade. We got to ride in the truck for DH's work and throw candy, and since we were at the front of the parade, we also were able to pull over at the end and take in the rest of the parade as it went by.

Part of the festivities this weekend is a classic car show, and at least 20+ took part in the parade. The kids were fascinated, and A said she had seen so many of those in her history books!

A dancing chicken from the local pizza hut kept the kiddos entertained while we lined up and waited for the parade to start.

We had Miss Montana, who is from our little town, grace the parade....

As well as the Shriners. Seriously what parade is truly complete without these guys!

Little W really enjoyed himself too. So much to see and take in. New experiences everywhere he looked.

You know you are in farm country when half a dozen huge farm equipment machines take part in the parade!

I don't think A had ever seen anything so big up close. Look at her showing how tall the wheels were. Amazement!

Yes, that whole entire bag is full of candy thrown from the parade. I don't think any kid went home empty handed today. That stash should last awhile, but this mama might have to sneak some of the chocolate out of it.....Shhh don't tell on me!

Even little W got in on the candy action!

Completely in love with this small town life.