Happy New Year- back to blogging :)

Wow, Having a new little one in the house has made it hard to find the time to blog. Now little W is sleeping better, I am making it a point to blog more. I believe I will be changing the blog addy as well to fit our new life in New Mexico. 
I am calling our homeschool- High Desert Academy, so if one day you can't find this blog, google that. LOL

So let me catch all of you up with us.
Little W is 6 months old now! Can you believe that?
He is sitting up, starting to eat solids, and is just a bundle of personality.

A is doing great! She is loving school. We are plowing through the school year and learning so much. A is currently covering the 1860's-1900's in US History using lots of living books, is halfway through 5th grade math with Teaching Textbooks, and tomorrow we are starting a semester of in depth study of nuerology using this. A's interest was sparked from watching Brain Games on the Discovery Channel, so she is thrilled to be started this study.

 She recently started figure skating and took group lessons for Basic 1 and Basic 2. She excelled at it, participated in the holiday skating show put on by The Santa Fe Figure Skating Club, and had a great time coming out of her shell. It was amazing to watch. She loves it, so last Friday she started taking private lessons. We will be at the rink several times a week now I am sure. One of the great things about homeschooling is getting ice time when most of the other kids are in school.

Dh is still loving his job here in New Mexico and overall I think we have all adjusted pretty well. It's amazing to think we've been here 10 months already! Time has flown.
I hope you all are doing well and I promise to keep up with this blog in the new year!
Love to all


Joyful Learner said…
Awww....love the last picture! Welcome back!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the update. It is good to know everyone is doing well.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the update. I really enjoy your blog! I use a lot of your ideas as projects for my daughter. Glad you are all well!