Baby finger painting

School with A has been going wonderfully. We are transitioning more to a traditional Charlotte Mason schedual. A variety of short lessons each day. The other day we covered spelling, math, literature, history, Spanish, and poetry all before lunch and typing in afternoon. The variety each day is keeping learning fresh and us both calmer.  

Little W and I had some alone time one afternoon this week while A ran some errands in town with dad. He's not the biggest fan of tummy time, especially now that he can sit, but it's so important, especially developmentally for a preemie. So today we made tummy time fun with a little mess free finger painting!

He loved it and it actually kept him on his tummy for a good 15 mins. Gotta love the ideas one can get from Pinterest :) hope you are all having a great weekend!


Joyful Learner said…
Oh! What a great idea! I wished I had tried that when my daughter was a baby as she hated tummy time! But I think her head was too big and heavy so it was harder than most!