First week of school

Last week was our first week of school and it went great. I wasn't sure how we would do homeschooling with a newborn, but A did great keeping her focus, even those times when I was in the other room with a fussy little guy.

Here's my sweet girl. She's 7 now and would be going into second grade in school, but the wonderful thing about homeschooling is that she can work on her level, for example her math is grade 5 right now.
 We are using Teaching Textbooks again for math and she loves it!
It's wonderful living where the weather is nice and it's not rainy or cold 90 percent of the time.
We have been spending a lot of time outside.
Hanging out reading...
...and headed down the road to the National Historic Park in the afternoon for some fun.
Look at that...
"Caution: Rattlesnakes"
Not something you would see in Alaska! Luckily we have't seen any yet!

 It's so beautiful here. Definitely different than the windswept island I am used to, but still breathtaking!

A worked on practicing getting faster at her multiplication facts using playing cards and then we played Multiplication War while little guy was asleep.
 A also started gymnastics on Thursday and she is loving it!
 Our school schedual is 4 days a week giving us one day to do field trips and other fun things. We were still doing school on Friday since dad took off of work Wednesday and took A to the zoo and aquarium in Albuquerque. 
This week in BookShark's language arts curriculum, A learned about personification. She was then asked to write a story about the gold rush, but from a gold nugget's perspective using what she learned in the personification lesson.
Thursday it had her do a pre-writing activity and on Friday she wrote her 3 paragraph story.
 She loved this assignment, and I was thrilled at how independent she was able to be and the descriptions in her writing.
Overall it was a great week and I think we are both really excited about the rest of this year!


Megan said…
she is an amazing writer and i bet she loves having facilities for gymnastics and everything else! does she miss Alaska?
Joyful Learner said…
Fabulous essay using personification! Gorgeous scenery too.