A Sunset Boat Ride before the Strom

It was an absolutely beautiful day here, and amazingly it stayed beautiful through the evening. It was perfect for a sunset boat ride with some friends and 2 Physician Assistant students from the clinic.
One of them commented that it was the first time they had ever been on a boat that had ice in it. LOL. Welcome to Alaska.

We had to get out while the getting was good. Tomorrow afternoon it should get dicey again.  We are under a blizzard watch right now.... up to a foot of snow and high high high winds starting Wednesday afternoon and blowing hard through Thursday night. Days like this though are what makes living here all worth it. Amazing beauty everywhere you look.

A had a blast. We seriously had to bundle up but luckily there was not much wind at all.

My beautiful girl loves this life, and what amazing experiences she is growing up with.

Shell's big oil rig, the Kulluk is back in town. You may remember this is the rig that ran aground a few months ago and is now going to cost Shell a whole lot of money to fix and they will miss the 2013 drilling season now. It is waiting on it's ride to Asia where it will undergo repairs.

As the sun began to set, the world softened and God's beauty reveled itself layer by layer.

Moments like these I will always treasure.

While the boys goofed around, we searched the waters in hope of showing the students some Alaska wildlife.

....and then there they were

A group of sea lions at play. Frolicking in the wake of the boat.

The sun sinks low, and it is time to head back to shore.

Dh's time at the wheel. Bring us in hon.

We pulled in to the small boat harbor as the sun sank low behind the mountains and nightfall set in.

A perfect ending to a beautiful day.

Oh Alaska, how I love thee.


Anonymous said…
I am sure the pictures don't do it justice, but I would love to visit Alaska. Cheryl. (poster on Prairie homemaker)
Megan said…
don't you just love Alaska! When I was at UAA my friend and I were walking back to our apartment from checking our mail and there was a huge moose on the sidewalk in front of us. We stopped and were kind of waiting for it to go when a cop drove up and put on his siren to scare it away (obviously not seeing us right there). Well it took off straight at us and we took off and ran right into some random persons apartment. The door was unlocked lol. That has nothing to do with your post, but the wildlife reminded me of the story :-)