A 6th birthday! Marine Mammal Style

It's been a busy weekend so far. Friday night was the girl scout sleep over...of course we all got very little sleep. I think we finally got the lights turned off around 1 am, and the girls were up quite early, but they all had a good time. It's amazing to see three age groups of girl scouts playing and getting along so well. 20 girls ages 5 through 12 having a great time. As tired as A and I were after that, our day was just beginning when we left the sleep over at 10 this morning. For today was A's 6th Birthday Party (her real b-day is tomorrow-Sunday) 
We got home and I quickly went to work getting ready. At 3, the festivities began.

A "Marine Mammal" themed party for my girl who wants to be a marine biologist as well as many other things (orthopedic surgeon anyone? LOL) when she grows up.

A dolphin cake- complete with a prosthetic tail per her request.

The dining area all set up and ready to go.

Games in place...

dolphin ring toss

feed the sea otter 
(an old corn hole game I painted)

Pics with dad.

....and with mom

marine mammal cheese and fruit platters

Let the fun begin!

A's teenage friend stopped by as well to help us celebrate. Donald is basically her surrogate big brother and she just adores him. He played a turn...

....and cheated! LOL

Time for cake!

Then we moved on to decorating cookies.

A's creation. Another dolphin with a prosthetic tail.

Present time.

....a brownie outfit for her American Girl. Now they can be twins.

Her new microscope was a huge hit. She can't wait to get this set up tomorrow.

And last but not least, a game of 'pin-the-tail on the whale'

Even I got into the action on this one.

The only thing missing was A's best friend who has developed pneumonia  so if you can say a quick prayer for her healing that would be appreciated. She called A today during her party to say happy birthday and cried. Her own party is supposed to be this coming week so we are hoping for some quick healing.

Happy birthday baby girl. I can't believe as I type this, 6 years ago I was just hours away from holding you in my arms for the first time. Where have the years gone?


Karin said…
Happy birthday!! What a lovely party! That microscope looks great...please give us a review!