Are you wondering where I am? LOL

So you might be asking yourself where I have been if you actually read this thing regularly LOL. I promise I am still alive, and did not get wiped off the face off the planet by a tsunami...although there was a warning my husband payed no attention to. I swear I can't leave him alone for a minute... but that's another story.

I need to escape. The decided to start residing my house last week, which turned into a disaster after they found the walls underneath the siding were rotting. Well banging, sawing, pounding all day long from 7 am-9pm was driving A and I we got the hell out of Dodge so to speak.

We headed to the mainland to spend some time with friends and enjoy some quite. I should be back Sunday night if Dutch weather corporates with me....with lots of fun pics to post.

On another note, I promise to post more when I get back. We have a busy summer mom comes into town in about a week, and later in August Dh's family is making the trip to our little island for the first time with his 80 something year old grandmother. A and I have also taken over the guest bedroom as our new school room, and will be finishing setting that up when we get back to real stay tuned