Sight seeing with mom- part 2

Before Christmas we had several nice days that we got out and went sight seeing with my mom.
We drove out to Summer's Bay and along the way saw this frozen spring...which while I took a picture, A apparently proceeded to explain what a spring is in detail to Nana. And when Nana asked how she knew that, A responded "I just taught myself Nana." LOL

A bunker from WWII. Dutch Harbor was the only other place on US soiled besides Pearl Harbor to be bombed during WWII. It was bomb by the Japanese, and the Aleuts were "evacuated" to abandoned canning and fishing camps in the SE alaskan rain forests. There they were inturned for more than 2 years. They came back to there towns burned and destroyed, with the US government deciding that several settlements on the islands should be abandoned completely with no choice or input from the Aleuts. Restitutions were finally awarded to them in the 1970's.

Bald eagles

The town of Unalaska, is just beautiful!

My mom in front of the Russian Orthodox Church. The Russian Orthodox church is very important in the Aleutian islands history.

I have plenty of more pics from my mom's trip. We had a great time. She is currently on her way home. I will miss her.


Karin said…
Awww....what a nice time with your mom!!! I bet it was the best week for Ansley to be with Grandma!!

God bless you in the New Year!!
Rachel said…
Hi. I think you asked for book recommendations a while ago. I thought of a couple. What about the Little Women Series by Louisa May Alcott? Or Narnia Chronicles - or even Hobbit/ Lord of the Rings?
Also: I nominated you for a Stylish Blogger Award. Stop by my blog to accept it and pass it on!
Amanda said…
Thank you both! Rachel- I will stop by tomorrow night when Ansley sleeps! Thank you!