Our Christmas party and a Monterssori teacher

What a great day. We had a Christmas party at our house for DH's department. We had a great turn out and everything I cooked turned out great. A has been pretty good the last few days having less of my attention as I cooked, and cooked, and cooked and then cleaned the house. But the most amazing reward happened for her tonight. One of our guests is a former Montessori teacher. You could tell it is is passion. As he was in the living room, he spotted our Montessori globe and then all of our materials and that was it. He spent the whole evening on the floor with A. She read to him, talked to him, played with our bead material with him. She was in heaven. They were the last to leave LOL. It was great, and it was great for me to see her through another eyes.

Dh and I have been talking, talking, and talking this past week. We have been talking about what we will do when she is actually school age. That is the question we have been being asked by many lately, and we have actually hard from several teachers that we "have to homeschool her" So we are trying to get involved with some other homeschoolers here. I found at last week, that there are quite a few! Yea! I really thought there weren't any. We also signed A up for a pottery class, and a mother daughter gooey art class for the Winter/Spring couses with our PCR, and she is now signed up for SOCCER! So this will be a good opportunity to really get involved with kids here. She is doing all of these things with one of her friends who is coming over this Sunday to play. So I am starting to really feel better about her meeting and finding a group of friends here. It just has been an eye opening week, because I become so accustom to her, and the way she does things that it never strikes me as unusual anymore.

Alright off to bed! Night all.


Karin said…
Another homeschooling resource that I found extremely helpful is the Well Trained Mind forum. I use it often and you don't need to follow the WTM philosophy to take part. But it has an "Accelerated Board" with parents of kiddos all over the gifted spectrum including plenty of PG kids. I found a lot of "friends" who have gifted children as well that I can bounce ideas of off and such. It's a very active forum too.