Our week so far

Things I amazed at this week.....

A can read triple digit numbers up to 1000 and can tell you the place value of each. I found this out while on a walk on the levee. Well the lamp posts are numbered... 101, 102, etc. A started reading them and telling me how to do the place value of each on our walk LOL. So we came home and sure enough, she can do this up to 1000. WOW

Today A was drawing a picture and she drew one where she was inside and one outside. I was lying on the couch resting, and I hear her say "Inside has a silent E at the end" Well next thing I know she comes over and has correctly spelled and written the word "iNsidE" on her paper. Wow...I knew she was spelling well, but this blew me away.

The funny from this week so far-

Well every Tuesday we head to the library and then go to lunch. Dad always gives her $10. But on Monday nights dad always asks her how much she needs. And she always responds "10 dollars" But not this Monday.....this week the conversation went something like this....

Dad- "How much money do you need?"
A- "25 dollars"
Dad- "No I give you 10."
A- "15"
Dad- "How about 12."
A- in her firmest voice "15"
LOL....the master negotiator got her 15 dollars to. It was so cute. She was not going lower than 15 LOL.

We are headed out of town tomorrow, have some fun field trips planned, so stay tuned for Sunday night when I post pics!


MommyWise said…
I must admit I did a little happy dance (inside) when I stumbled on your blog. It really is nice to read about another kid like Aidan. I've just started "schooling" her recently and I've yet to find any subject/topic/idea that mentally makes her stumble. Daily I'm blown away by the connections she makes, her perfect memory, her thinking in general. But oh how hard it is to share all of this with others! It is wonderful to meet you.
Ansley is doing awesome. I am amazed with her writing and spelling abilities - she is an amazingly gifted child.