Field Trip!

So Thursday we packed up and headed to the in laws for a quick visit and bonus....some fun field trips. We hit the Crayola Factory and The National Canal Museum.... and funny enough the canal museum was A's favorite part LOL.
Here we are at the Crayola Factory about to start!
Memom and PopPop had fun too.

Daddy and A watching the demonstration
The demonstration was really awesome. I think we enjoyed it more than A but we got to see how crayons are made.

Lots of hands on activities were a ton of fun.

Then we headed on upstairs to the National Canal Museum
A got to learn hands on how the canal and lock system works. Which she found really interesting especially since we have remnants of a canal down the street from us that we explore quite often.
Here she is floating her boat through the canal system and learning how to work the locks.

We learned what life was like during the time canals were active here, and how the boats were steered and loads lifted onto them. A explored the pulley exhibit, and told me that the pulley with 2 ropes was much easier to lift.

It was a lot of fun! We spent the rest of the weekend hanging out with Memom and PopPop and then headed home. Took A fishing for the first time today...but thats another post LOL


MommyWise said…
I've always wanted to go to the Crayola factory! Since a very young age... I have a "thing" with brand new, sharp-pointed, crayola crayons. In fact.. I have a box... all to myself of hundreds of them lined perfectly up... never used. LOL! Now you know how insane I am! LOL!
Amanda said…
It was awsome. And no I don't think you are crazy, I have always always loved new crayons. And I love to color as much as Ansley. LOL
MommyWise said…
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