We have one sick little guy in our house.
Today was day 12 of a fever which has gotten as high as 105.3!
This mama was so worried. Worried enough for for 3 doctor visits last week.
On Friday we got our diagnosis.
Infectious Mononucliousis
That's right. This sweet 3 year old has a case of full blown Mono.
Apparently you can catch it at any age, and while most young kids do not actually develop a full case of mono when they catch the Epstein Barr Virus, as our pediatrician said, well kids don't read the manual.
Besides the fever and the classic fatigue that is plaguing him. Little W also has extremely swollen tonsils covered in pus, a headache, and leg pain.
He is miserable and has cried many a time that he just wants to be well again.
Oh how I hurt to see him this way.
Please pray for a quick recovery with no lasting effects.