Cooking Class

When we moved to Arkansas, I began looking for things A could become involved in.
One of her goals this year was to learn to cook at least 5 dishes by herself. 
We have been blessed to find an amazing cooking class for her which is helping her achieve that goal.
She looks forward to her weekly classes and has definitely gained confidence and skills in the kitchen.

The skills she has learned are translating well into helping out at home.
For Thanksgiving she whipped up this fantastic pumpkin dip with veggies and pretzel thins for an appetizer to keep us satisfied while the Turkey was cooking.

The day after Thanksgiving we were tired of turkey and ordered a pizza for dinner, but A made some AMAZING green bean fries with homemade ranch dressing to compliment it. They were delicious! 

She's cooked a couple of Italian dishes for us since she started her class. The lasagna roll ups were vegetarian, but they were SUPERB!

She even made the sauce from scratch!

I'm so proud of her.

In October we went to my mom's to celebrate her birthday. A made a special birthday dinner for Nana of calzones and a spinach and strawberry salad.

Even the dough and the salad dressing were homemade.

It was absolutely delicious and the perfect birthday meal for Nana.

I love seeing her confidence increase not only in the kitchen, but in all aspects. I can't wait to see what foods she learns to cook next!


Tammy said…
Way to go, sweetie!
It all looks delicious.