Columbus Ships Field Trip- November 2017

Oh my. I have neglected my blog again.
I guess it's a good thing, as life is busy.
Since our move to Arkansas we have settled in and found many activities to become involved in.
Our homeschool co-op has been such a blessing. 
A is making friends, I have some adult interaction, and W is loving every minute of it.

Its nice to have such an active community and activities to chose from, although I have to say my heart cries out for the beauty and solitude of Alaska and Montana at times.
Those magical places will always be a part of me.
They have shaped me, made me who I am, and taught me the value of slowness, stillness, and simplicity.

A few weeks ago we headed to Ft. Smith to visit replicas of two of Columbus' ships with our homeschool group. They are so much smaller than one would imagine. Crossing the ocean on those would have been a horrible experience, especially considering that the area below was used to store supplies so sleeping occurred on the deck!