Earthworm Dissection!

A is taking two online classes this semester for gifted students. Both are through Athena's Academy. Comparative Invertebrate Anatomy is a semester long course exploring all aspects of invertebrates. Professor Becky is great and the students are really learning a lot. It has an optional dissection component which of course A decided to do. A couple of weeks ago, they had their first earthworm. 

These little creatures are a great deal more complex than I ever knew.

Did you know that earthworms have 5 hearts? I didn't.

A was fascinated... and learned that birds are not the only animals that have a gizzard.

This was right up her alley and really brought what she had been studying to life. They have a grasshopper, a crawfish, and a sea star to dissect as well. She can't wait to dissect the grasshopper which I believe is their next assignment so stay tuned!