Tot School 14/15 months

Wow it's been quite awhile since I actually sat down and posted. I have been super busy here! I started two new business ventures which I will tell you more about in another post, but between them, homeschooling a child with an insatiable thirst for knowledge, and keeping up with a busy toddler, this blog has gotten away from me. I guess I need to play catch up. Luckily I can post from my iPhone! I'm currently snuggling my little guy as he sleeps. 

Homeschooling with a toddler underfoot is definitely hard work. It's hard to believe Little W is now 16 month! (14.5 months adjusted since he was premature) 

He wants to be involved in EVERYTHING we do. He spends his mornings with us watching Student News next to his big sis and trying to grab every pencil and piece of paper she has so that he can "write" too.

I have been trying to keep him as busy as possible with activities of his own, although he does love to steal A's IPad and watch Cars. It was his sister's favorite movie at that age as well.

Little W loves any activity that involves putting things in and taking things out of containers. For this activity, I headed out to the garage and raided my old golf bag.  He spent quite a bit of time putting the balls into the box, dumping them out, and doing it all again.

Next I grabbed a muffin tin out of the kitchen. He put each ball in a muffin mold. Great fine motor practice and practice with one to one correspondence. He plays with this activity everyday. It's definitely one of his favorites.

He has also discovered the joy of the dry erase board. This is pretty much a daily activity, and sometime he even gets a bit more creative and colors his hands and feet. This is a mom right there activity to ensure the marker stays on the board. 

Stacking cans is simple yet fun, and can keep him occupied for a good 10 minutes at least.

Of course, tot school in our house consist of tons of time spent reading books. Little W loves to pull books off his shelf and "read" them to himself and then we always spend time cuddled together and reading his favorites over and over again.

I love early childhood Montessori materials and apparently so does Little W. This coin slot box is one of his favorite activities on his shelf and gets a ton of use!  He has gotten very good at putting the coins in the slot. I still help him with the drawer. He can open it but likes to pull it all the way out and then struggles to get it back in place.

The smile when he accomplishes a task lights up the whole room!

I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into our tot school, stay tuned for some catch up posts on what A has been up to.