A little late- but my mother's day weekend :)

This is late, but my Mother's Day weekend was great. I love spending my time with the family I have been blessed with.

Look at these 2 both in there Carharts. Melts my heart. We tried to get outside a lot that weekend. The weather was decent.

A is loving her bike that her Aunt got her. She is great at it, and we have already lifted up one training wheel.

We were blessed with finding the wild horses again. They roam over a very large area, so it is hit or miss when we go out to the bays. Last weekend we were lucky. And we had brought snacks, so we had some happy horses!

My husband made this Louisiana girl shrimp po-boys for dinner and man they were spectacular!! True love

I also got in a cleaning and re-organizing mood and re-did A's room. We cleaned, organized, and even moved furniture. She loves it.

On mother's day I got to sleep late and A and Dad made me this wonderful breakfast...crapes with fresh berries and whipped cream.Then we headed out to the tundra and beach for a picnic. Isn't this view beautiful!

And...spring is officially here. The Tundra pups are out. Aren't they cute.

Happy late Mother's Day to all of you.


MommyWise said…
Oh Wow! Ansley's growing up in a way I can only wish mine would! Aidan would have loved to see the horses.