Teaching Math

Last week, just for the heck of it. I gave A a placement test for math from K12. At 2 years 10 months, she tested into 1st semester of 1st grade. Needless to say I was shocked. Why, I really don't know, as her spatial and mathematical abilities have been absolutely amazing me lately. With no instruction in these concepts, she has begun to self explore addition and subtraction, figured out left and right, and counted to 100. So, that being said, I purchased Horizons Math K level. It is actually a very advanced workbook based curriculum, covering much of 1st and 2nd grade standards. So it appears to be a good fit. It came in yesterday and DD was jumping up and down with excitement. Today she blew through the first 7 lessons before stopping since she needed a snack LOL. She LOVED it. I feel awesome about this. Something we can do at her own pace, when she wants to, but that will introduce new concepts to her as she is ready. She thrives on learning and exploring new material, so I am so excited to now have this outlet for her.