Don't talk to me LOL

Right now I am listening to the Nut tell daddy "don't tell me, don't tell me don't tell me! Don't talk about it daddy. Don't talk to me" This is what I hear constantly now....whenever the Nut does not like what we have to say or what we tell her to do, she tells us to "don't talk to me" LOL. Right now she is fighting with Dad over the marker cap. LOL DRAMA :)

On to other life....The last 2 weeks have been crazy! DD has grasped so many skills:) Nut is surprising me everyday. She has started sounding out words and is recognizing many sight words, is now counting by 10's to 100, and has grasped the concept of addition and subtraction(this one seriously shocked I was not expecting this nor had I introduced the concepts....I mean she is only 2.5). Today she is all about mazes. My child loves workbooks so we have a ton, and today she went through and did the every maze in them. So now I need to find more. If anyone has any suggestions of a site online where I can print off easy beginner mazes please let me know. Seriously she keeps asking for more.

Halloween was a big success. Nut enjoyed being an Orthopedic Surgeon and went to work with Dad on Thursday to go trick-or-treating and as she told me "find more patients to operate on" LOL. Then we headed to the inlaws for the weekend. She really missed her room an wanted to come home so we had a few rough nights, but she did love being the center of attention in her costume and having the chance to go shopping at Barnes and Noble with mommy for new books. :) So all in all a good Halloween, an we managed to get away with almost no candy! Yea! So no sugar high for her and no temptation for mommy ;)

Tomorrow is story time at the library. We moved classes at the recommendation of our librarian so she is now with mostly older kids and it is a much better fit for her. She loves fact the only way I can get her to sleep at night on Tuesdays is to threaten not going like a charm.

Will post pics of my little Orthopedic Surgeon tomorrow :)