Been busy

We have been so busy. DD seems to be loving homeschool. When dad comes home each day from work and asks her what she did she excitedly tells him "preschool" and then goes on to name every activity she has done.
Her biggest love right now is tracing. She can spend an hour or more just tracing letter, shapes, words LOL. She does this when mama is busy doing house work or in the evening before bed....the big upside of this.....her coordination has made marked improvements and today she wrote a letter "A" which was obviously a letter "A" all on her own.
Besides tracing she is all into space right now. We made a great model solar system (pics to follow) that DD picked out at the store after getting upset that they did not have planet toys LOL. She painted the planets herself and mom and dad put it together.....I swear she knows more about space then I do. If I have read it to her in a book once she recalls it. It is hilarious to hear her incorporate facts about the planet and out solar system in her everyday play. She even got to sit in on an astronomy class for 6-7 year olds at our homeschool co-op where she corrected several of the kids comments. Her response when one child said "Pluto is the smallest planet" was "Pluto's not a planet anymore" And when another child said the sun was the largest planet, DD responded "The sun's not a planet. It's a star. Jupiter is the biggest planet". So right now a lot of out learning has been centered around her interest of space and dinosaurs.
Can't wait for this week to start. Everyday is amazing with her.