presents for me and other stuff!

So this is all going pretty good LOL...much to my surprise. A is really enjoying the activities, she has completed all 4 of the knobbed cylinders, block 4 was a much more difficult and we will have to keep working on that. All the cylinders are the same diameter just different heights which seems to stump her a little more. If she is in a good mood tomorrow I think we will try introducing the pink tower again.

We went to the library today and checked out 10 more books. I swear we could read all day here. She had a ton of fun playing with a 5 year old little girl. The played and played and played. A tends to like being around older children more since she can carry on conversations with them. She was beaming and talked about things they did all day. We then took a walk and gathered lots of leaves, sticks, and walnuts and had a make believe picnic. While sweeping off the porch after our "picnic" She said she was using a brush, I said "It's a broom not a brush A" and she replied " I know. A broom is a brush that picks up things" just amazes me everyday the observations she makes.

My birthday is this weekend, and my present to myself is of course things for A. I just ordered the book "Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Lessons." I have heard FABULOUS things about this book. It is a phonics based approach which I like much better then the whole word approach. The 500+ reviews on Amazon where also all amazingly positive. So excited to get this and start. A has been asking to learn to read so I am hoping this will help her achieve that goal LOL. I also ordered Leap Frog "Letter Factory" DVD which I have also heard is awesome. I figured she can watch this in the car and it will reinforce the phonics sounds we are learning with the sandpaper letters and the 100 lessons.

I usually get money for my birthday from a couple of family members and I have a little saved up (thank you rolled change LOL) so I am trying to decided what materials I really want to order to add to our montessori classroom. Decisions decisions......humm....I'll keep you posted :)