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I got a list of questions from a fellow homeschooling mom on The Well Trained Mind forum. I decided to answer them through my blog so the answers could benefit everybody.

If you don’t mind, I have a list of questions for you.

1. Why do you use ETC instead of the Phonics Reader wkbks? I am familiar with the older version of ETC. I am sure it has changed in the last 10 yrs, though.

I started using Explode the Code before I discovered the Primary Phonics readers. Since we enjoy Explode the Code (ETC) so much we decided to keep with it.

2. Since you use ETC, do you leave out the SRA 1 book that MP uses? If so, would you be willing to share the schedule you made lining up the pgs to FSR?

I follow all of the phonics schedule as laid out in the Memoria Press Kindergarten program. That means adding in SRA 1 as well as the Explode the Code. I treat ETC more as the supplement and the Memoria Press more as the main program. I don’t align ETC with the Memoria Press, I figured they don’t have to cover the same sounds at the same time. Covering them at different times allows for more review.

3. Do you also skip the Classical Phonics book?

I do NOT skip the Classical Phonics book, this is a wonderful book and I wouldn’t do without it.

4. How did you decide on your read aloud lists?

I put together my own list out by picking out our favorites from other lists. I wanted classics that were age appropriate. I then organized them into plastic crates as seen in this video:

5. What do the rest of your grades look like?

I plan to make videos on this shortly. My oldest is 11 and he is almost done with 9th grade through American School. We are also doing some of our own things on top of that such as Latin, IEW Institute for Excellence in Writing, Literature and additional grammar. He was my first so he doesn’t have everything as streamlined as my younger kids will by this age.

My daughter is 9 and she will be starting American School for High School when she turns 10. Right now we are working on building the math, reading comprehension and writing skills to do High School level work. I will get more specific with this shortly.

We chose American School (General High School Program) because it is at our pace and it gives us an accredited (not Mom created) High School diploma and transcript which I feel is important when accelerating. That gives us outside verification that they are capable of the work and really earned it.

Plus, the college we plan to use only requires an accredited diploma and with that we can enroll and start doing college at any age. We supplement with our classical education subjects.

6. Would you have any suggestions for a 4 year old who is wanting to read but not interested in numbers yet? I was thinking the ABC ETC books might fit nicely. I was also considering MP’s Jr. K.

I would start with the Get Ready for the Code ETC Primers. I have not tried MP’s Jr. K, but that may be a good option. Basically the more letter sounds she knows and recognizes the better because that will help Kindergarten go that much smoother. I also agree, don’t worry about Math right now, just letters and sounds.